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watching a new tv show after hearing about it on tumblr and then getting addicted to it


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This is the closest Disney will ever get to a certain joke.

Featured on a 1000Notes.com blog

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Jon Snow - The Windmill Specialist

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Breaking Bad Season 2 Gag Reel [x]

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i feel like i’m dying.

i got food poisoning(I AM TRAMATIZED) this morning and it’s pretty much gone with the exception of the PAIN. I wasn’t even gonna go to the doctor but my dad made me go to the clinic(i couldn’t even move earlier and i looked and felt like i was literally gonna die) where omfg…. consultation is 25$ and lab tests, injections, etc. would have been 220 total. I CAN GET THOSE AT SCHOOL FOR FREE. i’m so glad i signed up for healthcare… I’ve been getting sick a lot these past couple months >_< Also apparently I weigh 104…that kinda scares me but i mean it makes sense, what with all the swimming. I really want to be healthy…Thats a summer goal! Lately food has been a real issue with me because I can’t seem to find anything/where healthy to eat. I honestly sit in bed and feel super depressed about food. FOOD -_- How do those geeky art kids at school do it? They seem to know all these fancy foods… okay i’m gonna get back to curling up in bed and rolling around in pain again. 

did i mention i have too much fear of being judged by my family to learn to cook? that’s the real issue. #fzyouarewaytoosensitive

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This could be us but you playin 


This could be us but you playin 

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I kinda wish her tiara looked like this, its so adorable! 

I kinda wish her tiara looked like this, its so adorable! 

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What Cities Would Look Like Without Lights

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How did they ever doubt he was Heisenberg?

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Tiana has to compete with a younger woman ;)

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